Instaworthy Desserts!

By: CWA posted Jun 21st 2019 03:02PM

Many users use Instagram to curate a slice into their own lives, creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), which they use to record pictures of their vacations, their picture-perfect lives, and of course, their food. Chefs have used it to their advantage, creating menus where Instagram users can have the most personal experiences with their food. Nowhere is that most prevalent than desserts.

Getting someone to stop scrolling through their Instagram feed to like a dessert post is something that requires attention grabbing details, and they can be seen through four categories: The Pretty, The Jiggly, The Interactive, and The Trending.  These points help hit all the right points visually, and can motivate anyone to go to the cafes, restaurants, and bars just to see what everyone else is raving about. Some dismiss them as a visual treat for the eyes but not for the taste buds and it’s a fair cop: a dessert is meant to finish off an already great meal, or stand by itself as a dish.

So when you're looking through your Instagram feed and see the most beautifully crafted desserts, are the desserts good value for money? Are the desserts one-hit wonders? For that matter: how much time and effort should restaurants and bars put into their social-media marketing? Is there honestly any value in social-media marketing when compared to the usual advertising and marketing efforts in traditional media?

It's a fascinating concept, and we spoke to three restaurants and cafes who have desserts that have gone viral on Instagram to see their views on social media, and the ways they are making use of it to shape their restaurants and their menus.

To read more on this subject, read our story 'Instaworthy Desserts", in our Sweet + Hunt column, available in our May-June issue of Cuisine and Wine Asia. The print magazine is available at Kinokuniya, MPH, and Times bookstores. To subscribe to a digital edition of our magazine, head on to Magzter.

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