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Diageo World Class 2017

Diageo World Class Singapore 2009 Winner Aubrey Sim shares her thoughts on the competition as eight bartenders – Jerrold Khoo of Flagship, Jimmy Lian of Redtail, Julian Serna of Lo & Behold, Adam Bursik of The Library, Kim Juseng of Ritz Carlton, Kim Shin of Jigger & Pony, Jayden Ong of Sugarhall, and Kino Soh of Highball – showcase their visions of the shape of cocktails to come. The top two finalists will be heading to Bangkok for an Asian boot camp, with the eventual winner competing at the global finals in Mexico in September. To find out more, visit www.facebook.com/WorldClassSG

Arrival of New Dining options at ION Orchard

ION Orchard welcomes the arrival of new F&B brands to add to its repertoire of local and international dining options. These include Japanese bakery, Châteraisé; re-opening of the flagship Nespresso boutique; whisky and champagne lounge, The Saint-Louis House; and tea brand, T2, with its exclusive tea-to-go offerings. Luxury Belgian chocolate brand, GODIVA; which opens their first lifestyle café in Southeast Asia, offers a range of delectable desserts, from GODIVA sundaes, Chocolate fondue sets, Belgium waffle with GODIVA soft serve and signature cakes, exclusive to the outlet at ION Orchard.
To find out more, visit www.ionorchard.com

A Summer Festival of Flavour at Lewin Terrace

The Wakon Yosai is a 7-course menu carefully designed to evoke vicarious pleasure, salving the heat of summer with tantalizing and refreshing courses conceptualized by Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto. As the ultimate manifestation of the restaurant’s deft duality in marrying Japanese cuisine and French techniques, the menu straddles the fine line between clean, simple Japanese flavours and rich and hearty French cuisine. The exploration begins with a cold hirame appetiser, where cubes of summer flatfish, cured in kombu broth, crown a dashi jelly accentuated with beetroot and apple cider vinegar for a touch of bright acidity. The dish is finished with ginger cream, its spicy undertones serving to whet appetites, priming guests for the gastronomical adventure ahead.
Lewin Terrace’s Summer Menus will be available from 1 June 2017 to 31 August 2017. To make a reservation, please call +65 6333 9905 or e-mail info@lewinterrace.com.sg

Japanese Restaurant Misato Relaunches With A Relocation, Affordable Prices And An Improved Menu

A Japanese meal made with premium and imported ingredients amidst a cozy ambience and customized furniture tableware does not have to be an expensive treat as Misato, a Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Orchard Road, offers you the chance to eat heartily without burning a hole in your pockets.
It prides itself on ala minute preparation of food for freshness and great taste. Amidst an extensive menu, one should place an order for mains such as the Seafood Kaminabe Set that is akin to a nourishing hotpot and you would find the pot brimming with fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon, chicken and an assortment of imported vegetables. Alternatively, give their signature tonkatsu-like Mixed Fried Set a try as it consists of a chicken, tiger prawn and really cheesy kokokke.
Never miss dessert at Misato as it makes a mean handmade Sanshoku Warabi Mochi that will not let mochi lovers down. Finish the meal with matcha related beverages in which its matcha powder is imported from the Nara prefecture of Japan and is the first of its kind to debut in Singapore.
Misato, who has splurged SGD400,000, places true emphasis on its furniture and tableware and each curated item is so unique that it might just tempt diners to sneak one or two in their bags!
Head over to https://www.facebook.com/MisatoSingapore/ to find out more!

Cream of Europe: Real Passion and Fine Quality

What Is Cream?
Did you know that cream is the milk fat obtained from a skimming process, which separates milk from the cream and is the concentration of fat globules in whole milk? It is then followed by a homogenisaton stage to stabilise the skimmed  milk fat. Whether light or heavy, creams are distnguished by the type of heat treatment applied to it, along with their viscosity (fluid, semi-thick or thick), their structure (whipped cream or whipping cream) and their method of packaging (aseptic, non-aseptic, jars, bags, bottles, cartons, aerosol, etcetera).

The Undefned History Of Cream
Luscious, smooth and oddly tasty, cream signifes all things luxurious. While there are no concrete facts that purports a partcular founder of this integral dairy ingredient, it seems to have gained popularity as whipped cream during the 16th century. Science dictates that gravity aids in the natural separaton of cream from the milk during a period of 12 to 24 hours back in the day. As technologies advanced,this natural separaton was overthrown by the  frst centrifugal separator created by Gustaf de Laval allowing dairy farmers to make cream with ease.

Types Of Cream
Cream is categorised into three major types – liquid, whipping and whipped. There are several diferent characteristcs of each type, with a plethora of uses ranging from pastries to mousses, decorating desserts and cooking savoury dishes. Liquid cream is known to have a mild favour, while withstanding long cooking processes without losing its structure. Due to its property to work well under aeraton, liquid creams are perfect for making puff and Viennoiseries pastries as well as ice cream and quick sauces. Whipping cream is slightly richer than its liquid form and comes often sweetened. It is great for making mousses and whipping Chantlly cream. For quick decoratons for desserts, pressurised whipped cream is highly recommended.

Why Use European Cream?
The European climate promotes a consistent milk producton across seasons, which then provides a basis for cream that is quality controlled with stability. European creams are always easy to identfy – due to its distnct texture and highly-developed aromas. It is characterised by its roundness, smoothness, and a vibrant taste that sometmes hint of sweet biscuits, fruits and freshness. Cream enhances the aromas in your dish and favours without overpowering, yet complementng the subtlety of food. By mixing hot or cold cream with another ingredient, it could either thicken or sofen the consistency of that ingredient, all while providing a tangy note. It also binds and stabilises hot preparatons by softening stuffing and egg dishes, making them more cohesive. Other advantages of cream include reducing the bitterness of cocoa, the acidity in a lemon, and tempering the pungency of certain fruits. It can also improve fondant used on pastries and turn fruit into mousse. In additon, it produces a beautiful, voluptuous cloud when whipped – the possibilites are almost endless! Whether used in cooking or in pastries, European cream is perfect for the creative demandsof chefs and pastry chefs alike.

Promoting Cream Of Europe Through Education

17 January 2017 saw advanced students in pastry of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Singapore coming together with award-winning and pastry
extraordinaire Chef Pang Kok Keong of Antoinete. During this session, Chef Pang shared the importance of using good quality cream in pastry while providing tps and advice as the students prepared step-by-step a chocolate tart with faux orange marmalade, light chocolate ganache and
chocolate Chantlly cream. This gave the students a hands-on experience of working with cream in two diferent ways.
In collaboraton with Cream Of Europe, former three-Michelin-starred Chef Bruno Ménard, culinary consultant for Bruno Ménard Pte Ltd in
Singapore will be conducting a workshop at Open Farm Community in March 2017 to showcase the premium quality of European creams. Rich cream brings a roundness and intensity that enhances recipes, provides a smooth and lasting quality to pastries as well as savoury dishes that has no equivalent in the world.